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How to Create Your First Name Fame Video?

In the whirlpool of buzzing artists you may have to climb high ladder to surpass them or earn the name and fame you dream for.  Nevertheless you need to take the first step. Why to delay, allow us to initiate your mesmerizing journey to your dreams with the help of our Name Fame App which is popular among its users to create awesome funny videos online. This app gives your videos the potential to reach millions.

We understand that the pressure of making the first video is immense so here we come up with few simple steps to make it easier for you to create awesome funny videos. This funny video maker app online provides you a lot of opportunities to explore your talent and art to the world.:

Let us begin now:

Well! Before we start with the first step here is a very important tip for you – be sure what idea you want to go for your first video. With too many ideas off the bat you won`t be able to justify any. So if you have finalized one let us take a look at STEP 1.

Step 1: Download Name Fame app from play store for your Android or iOS whichever you use.

Step 2- Then select a (+) Tab and your incredible experience to create awesome funny videos online begins.

Step 3- Next you select (Pick a sound) and select song (Local Music or My Music) 

Step 4- Click on Flip option for (Front & Back video) after you are sure about favourable music or sound for your video content.

Step 5- Select from (Beautify, Filter, Timer, Face AR and Style) options.         

*Add that little pinch of magical touch of amazing features.                                                                                   

Step 6- Click on (Music Icon) Tab and long press for creating your captivating video.

Step 7- This step allows you to change and select from different options while creating your video. 

Step 8- Now click on Right Tick 

Step 9- Choose from range of fascinating effects

Step 10- Select any effect and Long Press to use the effect

Step 11- This step is crucial for your videos to reach the target audience as it allows you to: 

  • Write an appealing caption
  • Allow/disallow comments to your worthy audience 
  • Allow downloads – let your followers know how to create awesome funny videos online    
  • If you really wish your followers and fans to make duet videos with you may allow duet 
  • Give permission to Location access if you like to
  • Choose an appropriate Category for your video as it matters a lot to reach the right audience
  • Share with Facebook, Instagram or Twitter 

Step 12- With all the necessary steps taken decisively, you are all set to share your first video on Name and Fame App.


Now when you know how to create your first video on Name and Fame App, why to let your stardom wait? Let your talent be discovered! 

Be ready to be an influencer and let your followers watch and appreciate your hard work. Create awesome funny videos online, now!

Happy creating your first video on Name Game App!


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