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How to Make a Video on Name Fame App: Step-by-Step Guide on Name Fame App

Who does not wish to earn name and fame through all time accessible online platforms? Undoubtedly! Everyone does wish, whether a business or an individual to be an overnight talk of the town. This free app to make funny videos provides you a bunch of opportunities to explore your talent.

So, here we are today to introduce you with Name Fame App which is inexplicably easy to use and secure for its users. Are you ready to experience the all new exciting journey of making your videos and letting the world know your talent with the help of Name Fame App? This is one of the best apps for funny videos download, upload or record.

Let us take you through the step by step guide on making videos on Name Fame App. We will explain you every tit and bits about using this application, which is also popular among its users for being one of the best apps for funny videos download. In this world of uncertainty and chaos this application simply becomes the gateway to amusement and name and fame.

How to create a video on Name Fame app?

Step 1- Download Name Fame app  

For sure the first thing first is to download the app from play store on your mobile. Whether you are an Android or iOS user you can easily use the application.

Step 2- Select a (+) Tab and start over with your amazing experience of creating your videos the way you wish.

Step 3- Now select (Pick a sound) and select song (Local Music or My Music) 

Indeed! This step allows you to pick the music or song of your choice.

Step 4- Once you select music of your choice, you Click on Flip option for (Front & Back video) 

It gives you the choice of using front or back camera.            

Step 5- This step allows you to add the magical touch of beauty and allows you to set your own style, time and more.  

So, you select from (Beautify, Filter, Timer, Face AR and Style) options.                                                                                            

Step 6- By now you are all set to start recording your video.

So, now all you need to do is - select (Music Icon) Tab and long press for creating your enthralling video.

Step 7- Name Fame App gives you the freedom to change and select from different options during recording or shooting your video. 

Step 8- Now Select (Right Tick) 

Step 9- Once you click on Right Tick Name Fame App offers you with numerous interesting and eye catching effects to choose from.

Step 10- For sure, the nest step is to select the effect that you feel suits your video the best. 

So, select any effect and (Long Press to use the effect)

Step 11- You must be wondering when the video is created successfully, what is step 11 about?

Well! This is one of the most important steps which actually helps you take the leap towards your dream to be famous as there is a lot more that Name Fame App offers you to do once your video is created.

You can:

  • Write a catchy caption
  • Allow or disallow comments to your viewers and followers 
  • Allow downloads – let your followers know how Name and Fame app is one of the best apps for funny videos download  
  • Allow duet 
  • Allow Location access
  • Choose your Category for your video
  • Share with Facebook, Twitter or Instagram  

Step 12- Finally! You are all set to share your video 

What are you waiting for, try yourself and gift your dreams the new wings with the help of Name Fame App – one of the best apps for funny videos download, upload or create.


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